Ashtanga Mysore with Ian Cheney!

Ashtanga Mysore with Ian Cheney!

New guest teacher for our Ashtanga Mysore program starting end of July

Ian Cheney in Frankfurt!


Ian was first introduced to Astanga Yoga in 2002 by a friend at University and has been hooked on the practice ever since. After many years of evolving his own practice, he felt the urge to teach and he began an apprenticeship with Gingi Lee at The Shala, London in 2012. The following year he complete a Yoga Alliance 200hr Teacher Training qualification with his principal teacher, the world renowned John Scott.

In 2014 he travelled to Mysore to practice with Sharath Jois at the K. Pattabhi Jois Astanga Yoga Institute. He returned each year and in 2017, Sharath’s gave Ian his blessing to teach Astanga Yoga as an Authorised teacher.

Ian taught principally in London until 2016 when he began teaching internationally. He taught in various countries including Germany, China, Bali, Italy, Netherlands and Australia.

Ian brings with his teaching the dedication and enthusiasm he has within his own practice. He believes that yoga is a deeply personal experience and encourages students to find their own space, in balance with the wisdom of the tradition. Fundamentally though, while yoga can be challenging on many levels, first and foremost it should be a loving, warm and fun experience for all.

Ashtanga Mysore with Ian: 

Sunday, 7-10 am

Mon-Wed, 6:30-8:30 am 

Tue + Wed, 18-19:30 am  

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