Ashtanga Mysore

Traditional teaching style for Ashtanga Yoga; individual practice under the guidance of an authorized teacher. Often described as an intensive, athletic and dynamic yoga style but yet there is much more to learn and achieve than the physical aspects such as building strength and gaining flexibility.

By practicing to unite the three elements of breathing, the direction of the eye (drsti) and the bandhas (energy lock) into our yoga practice, one gets an awareness of his body and mind. According to the founder Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Ashtanga Yoga is the eight-limbed path that brings us closer to our core, our true self.

Vinyasa Yoga / Prana Flow®

Vinyasa Flow is a powerful style of yoga combining movement and breathing into a flowing unit. Different asanas (yoga postures) are arranged in a variety of ways so as to create a harmonious and creative flow of movement. Breath, movement and the rhythm of the music match each other leading you into a steady flow that ultimately leads you back to yourself.


Singing, meditation, breathing techniques, philosophy and music merge with powerful, flowing asanas: Jivamukti yoga is the strengthening kind for mind and body through ancient teachings combined with modern methods.

Inspired by the founders of Jivamukti Yoga, Sharon Gannon and David Life, the Yoga teachers of this particularly dynamic style have spread it from the USA into the rest of the world.

Fascia with Yoga & Blackroll

What are fascia and what is the self-massage with the BLACKROLL®?

What does it do and how can it enrich my practice?


Fascias are fine, tough connective-tissue membranes present throughout the entire body. They envelop muscles, joints and organs and play a decisive role in strength and mobility. In yoga we stretch specific fascial chains in certain asanas. There also are other specific stimuli that are important for optimal function of this connective tissue. A further type to stimulate this tissue can be achieved by the myofascial self-massage with the BLACKROLL (muscle / connective tissue structures). In doing so, collagenous adhesions and tensions are released resulting in a changed body perception. The effect is immediately noticeable.

Ashtanga Led Class

The origin of the dynamic yoga style with a fixed series of asanas, physically demanding and led and counted by an experienced teacher. 

Hatha Yoga / Hatha Flow

Classic style of yoga with light dynamics, perfect for beginners.


Hatha Yoga strengthens your body and your mind. „Hatha“ can be translated with „powerful“ or „conscious“. A Hatha yoga class usually is characterized by rather slow and relaxed yoga exercises – a good way for yoga beginners to become familiar with yoga, its effects and different asanas. This style combines both the enhancement of your balance with adhancing your flexibility and your strength.


Hatha Yoga has the power to balance and strengthen you. This is also illustrated by the naming: In Sanskrit, „ha“ means „sun“ and „tha“ moon and thus unites the complementary as well as opposing forces.

Yin Yoga / Relaxation Yoga

Yin and Yang, the two opposing principles which we find in everything in our world also find their counterpart in the yoga world. While most yoga styles are focused on the yang (strength and stamina) part, yin yoga is a soothing counterbalance (gentleness and devotion). The asanas are held between five and eight minutes in order to stretch the deep structures (connective tissue), ie the fascia, and on the other hand, to release all the tension.

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