Terms and Conditions

Private Yoga Institute & Jyoti Design GmbH

General terms and conditions (valid from September 2016)

• Use of the YOGA studio

The contractor is entitled to use the YOGA facilities of the Private Yoga Institute within the opening hours of the studio, which correspond to the utilization concept indicated on the contract. For some courses and additional services, e.g. workshops, teacher training, etc., special fees can be charged.
If the contractual partner is not a user himself, only the person entered on the contract as a user is entitled to use the studio. The right of use is not transferable. If pre-utilization has been agreed upon, this shall be based on the same conditions.

The contractor is entitled to use the services of the teachers of the Private Yoga Institute. The Private Yoga Institute will carefully instruct the contractor and indicate possible health risks. The contracting party is obliged to notify the Private Yoga Institute of any health restrictions and risks that may arise during the course. The opening hours are announced by notice / internet. The private yoga institute reserves the right to make changes to the opening hours as well as to the services and rates.


No liability is accepted for the loss or damage of clothing items as well as for valuables, jewelery or money.

The contractual partner uses the facilities, premises and courses of the studio at his own risk. He is committed to dealing with the equipment and premises with care. Damages which are not based on ordinary wear and tear but which are highlighted by improper use are remedied at the expense of the polluter.

The Private Yoga Institute will keep the premises in a working and safe condition to ensure a smooth and satisfying training session. Otherwise, liability is excluded, unless there is an intentional or grossly negligent breach of obligations or a breach of contractual obligations. The contractor is obligated to provide all information on the state of health. In the case of previous injuries or physical limitations, a doctor or an orthopaedist should be consulted prior to entering yoga practice.

• Contractual modalities

PYI membership contracts are generally concluded indefinitely, but include a minimum term of either four, six or twelve months. Membership agreements automatically extend to an indefinite period after expiry of the minimum running time. At the end of the minimum term of the 12-month contract, as well as at a later date, there is the possibility of termination for both contracting parties within a term of 3 months. In the case of a 6-month contract, the termination is subject to a period of 8 weeks at the end of the minimum term, as well as afterwards. For a 4-month contract, the deadline is 4 weeks.

A studio and administrative fee is payable at the time of conclusion of contract, which is to be paid as a one-time payment. The PYI reserves the right to cancel this fee on the occasion of special actions. For reapplication of former members, the registration fee for a former membership of at least twelve months is omitted.

If the contractor is moved more than 50km away from the studio, the contract can be terminated at any time with a notice period of one month, even before the minimum running time has expired.

Membership fees must be paid in advance by means of direct debiting procedures. Participants undertake to give the Private Yoga Institute a corresponding collection authorization before the beginning of the participation. In the case of a non-eligible or rejected direct debit, PYI is entitled to charge a compensation of EUR 10.00.
Memberships are not transferable. Membership is not eligible for free participation in workshops and Teacher Training. However, members of the Private Yoga Institute receive a discount on most offered workshops.

In the case of prolonged illness of the contractor or similar detectable hardships which prevent the use of the studio for more than eight weeks, the contract may be terminated for more than one month at the request of the contracting party. In such cases, a medical certificate or similar must be provided. The membership is automatically extended by the number of quiescent months.

Amendments to the contract may only be made in the next higher rate. A gradation into a lower contract level is only possible after the regular contract period. If a contract amendment is made during the year, the contract period starts from the beginning.

If the student rate is used, the contractual partner is obligated to submit a current study certificate without being asked for it every new semester.

House rule

If the contractor repeatedly repeats the rules of propriety or the house rules, or in the case of willful damage to property or other important reasons, the Private Yoga Institute is entitled to terminate the contract without notice and to ban the house. The obligation of the contract partner to pay the agreed monthly contributions up to the next possible ordinary termination of the contract remains unaffected.

Terms of payment

All fees and contributions are billed monthly by direct debit from the specified account, provided an authorization is given. If direct debits are rejected without this being caused by a mistake by the Private Yoga Institute, the Contractor shall have to compensate all costs associated with this.


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