Simon discovered his passion for yoga on his first trip to India in 1987, shortly after graduating from Aberdeen University (major subjects: psychology, history and philosophy of natural science). In 1996, he completed a three-month yoga teacher training program with Sunil Kumar in Varanasi, India, which he has been attending annually since 1997 for further studies. In addition, he took part in an intensive yoga psychology MSc (Master of Science) course from 1999 to 2000. In 2003, he took the plunge into self-employment.

Since then he has given courses, workshops and seminars as a professional yoga trainer. He has been training yoga teachers since 2004 and is leading worldwide yoga retreats, including in Portugal and India. He has recently attended Mindfulness ( “MBSR”) seminars in Dublin and Wiesbaden. Simon is appreciated for his deep passion for yoga and his sensitive way of reacting to the needs of his participants. He specializes in classical Indian Hatha yoga, therapeutic yoga, meditation, and yoga nidra (deep relaxation). Simons integrated style combines yoga positions (asanas), special breathing techniques (pranayama) and mindfulness, always introduced by a balanced program of preparatory exercises to create the ideal balance between body and mind. Meditation is central to Simons access to yoga. Simon is happy to motivate and encourage people in their yoga practice.

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