Already at the age of 14 yoga found me – somehow. I did not know what it meant or what could do to me, but I  was hooked and I knew this is my thing.
After a long period of irregular self-practice, I entered a yoga studio in 2015 for the very first (!) time ever. That was the day I realized that I would start my yoga teacher training here a few weeks later. At the end of 2015 I received my certificate from Private Yoga Institute (200h).

On this basis, I refine my own practice every day and am happy to pass it on.
I prefer to practice a fluid, playful yet strong style, which invites me to always challenge my boundaries and to dive a little deeper into myself every time and to discover something new.
This deep connection to the self and the contemplation of the being as a whole is that I am always fascinated with over and again…and is the reason I can never get enough.

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