From Hatha Yoga after Swami Sivanada I started doing and then teaching yoga.
After an open class at Jivamukti Yoga London 2007 with Cat Alip-Douglas a great desire within me was born to be able to pass this form of yoga onwards.
I would like to thank Sharon Gannon and David Life for the training as Certified Jivamukti Teacher and all the teachers, whom I learned so much from.

Many thanks to …
… Olivia Martinez – my amazing ashtanga teacher from ashtangayogamexico
… Will Lau – my Jivamukti-Teacher training mentor from HongKong
… Private Yoga Institute Frankfurt with all the teachers and students for support
Eva Herbig is Certified Jivamukti ™ Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher (BYV) and 200 hours of Teachertraining (according to YA).

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