Mantra Chanting and Japa satsang// Friday, 17th of May

Mantra Chanting and Japa satsang// Friday, 17th of May


Dear yogis and yoginis,

Even though we tend to forget sometimes, yoga is much more than just physical asanas. Especially in an picture-loving world, it sometimes seems to be the ultimate goal of yoga to be superfit, have a flexible body that can be easily bent into a pretzel.

But Yoga contains so much more: Yoga means „union“ or „to harniss“ the body to the soul in order to achieve unity. In addition to practicing the asanas, chanting scriptures or mantras is a wonderful way to calm the mind and push deeper into the self. Some report on meditative states while chanting or mood-enhancing effects.

Have you had similar experiences while chanting or would you like to try it? Then be on it

Friday, June 17, 2019 from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm in Private Yoga Institute

Mantra Chanting and Japa satsang with Kiril and Eve
Cost: a voluntary donation

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