Jivamukti Legende Cat Alip-Douglas im Mai zu Gast

Jivamukti Legende Cat Alip-Douglas im Mai zu Gast


Was ist Sangyé? – Jivamukti workshop & class with Cat Alip-Douglas


Friday, May 24th 6:30-9pm

Workshop What is a SANGYÉ?

Sangyé is a Tibetan word, meaning “Awakened”. Sang means ‘awakening’ from the sleep of ignorance, and ‘purifying’ the darkness of both emotional obscurations and cognitive obscurations. Gyé means ‘opening’, like a blossoming lotus flower, to all that is knowable, and ‘developing’ the wisdom of omniscience— the knowledge of the true nature of things, just as they are, and the knowledge of all things in their multiplicity.

Sangyé also translates as buddha – one who is awake.


Saturday, May 25th  10.30-12.00 am

Asana Class: How does the yoga practice facilitate an awakening?

The asana element will focus on foundational strength and techniques that are keys to practicing with greater awareness and fluidity. Expect to be challenged on many levels yet also reveal the strength to be unwavering in your commitment to awaken, a sangyé in training.



workshop & class: €68/62*

workshop: €50/45*
class:  €25/23*

*Discount for members of Private Yoga

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