Workshops: Moola Bandha & Thai Massage mit Sat Inder

Workshops: Moola Bandha & Thai Massage mit Sat Inder

Sat Inder – Thai & Ashtanga Workshop
Sat Inder, unserer Ashtanga Mysore Lehrer, steht im Dezember mit zwei wunderbaren Workshops im Plan:

  • Breath, Bandhas & Dristhi: Saturday, 11.12.2021 um 13:30-15:30 Uhr

We will start by learning techniques to access moola bandha and uddiyana bandha, then adding the ujjayi breath to it. This part takes a bit of time for everyone to get and is done seated. We will then be moving into some asanas to see how they work within movement and will add drishti at this time. We will not be doing full practice only a bit to learn how to move with the bandhas and breathing intact.
Preis: € 39

  • Thai Massage Experience: Friday, 17.12.2021 um 18:00-20:30 Uhr

Want to experience a Thai massage and learn how to do it as well?  Bring a partner or a friend and come wearing something comfortable. Satinder will talk you through giving your partner a Thai Massage, then a short break before you switch roles and will receive from your friend or partner the same. All instructions are easy and safe to follow and perform on each other, a little body awareness will go a long way though. Come prepared to work but also to relax and receive!

Couple – € 69
Single – € 39
Beide Workshops als 2 G Plus Event – mit Bürgertest oder Test im Studio für € 3.
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