ashtanga foundations: breath, bandhas and drishti

ashtanga foundations: breath, bandhas and drishti

January 6th, 2018 (Saturday)11am til 2pm

Foundations of Ashtanga Yoga.

A workshop with Sat Inder Khalsa

Breath, bandhas and drishti called tristhana in the Ashtanga Yoga method, meaning three places of focus. In this workshop you´ll be learning techniques to access the breath more fully, to draw the bandhas or energy locks to meet the breath and add in the external focus of the drishti which will only deepen your practice and make you more aware in daily life.

When these things become the main focus of your daily Ashtanga Yoga practice it will transform it, and you. Taking you deeper into your mind and body, things will change for sure. First we’ll focus on accessing moola and uddiyana bandha, then add the breath to that and during a small practice at the end we’ll add in drishti to draw the focus so deep that if it doesn’t start the process of transformation, nothing will!


Costs: 45 Euros

Registration in the studio or via the contact form.


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